Monday, October 22, 2012

Catching Up With CLUCK Red Deer

Hello! We're still here! Sorry that we haven't been keeping this blog updated. We are all people who care very much about the benefits to keeping urban hens but we are also people who have jobs, families, responsibilities and other distractions and this site sort of fell through the cracks.

That said, we have certainly NOT given up on CLUCK Red Deer, on spreading the word about how urban hens can be good for the Red Deer community. Things have been going strong on our Facebook Page. Please come and check us out if you're a Facebook user -photos, link, advice and answers are all to be found there.

On October 13th, Deborah organized an Urban Coop Tour with 4 hen-keepers and a wrap up at the Peavey Mart (who we thank for their support). There were many people (over 20) who came along for the ride and the feedback was great. If you visit our Facebook page, you can find photos of an article from the Red Deer Advocate discussing how the tour went.


"If you are a busy owner - drop your girls Nov. 3 at 11am. We will take care of the dirt and have them ready for pick up from 9 - 10am Sunday morning. Cost $5.00 per girl.
If you want to stay and learn - book an appointment time on Nov. 3 and learn how to bathe your girl for $2.00 per hen. She will need to stay over night or sleep in your house that night so she is thoroughly dry before going outside."
Visit the Urban Hen Day Spa page on Facebook if you have an questions or want to join.

After a day at the spa, your girls might be ready for a party! "All urban hens welcome. Hens need to be dropped off on Friday between 4 and 7 pm. Pickup on Sunday between 3 and 4.
Entry fee of $3.00 will include feed and water, the show cage, bedding, and elite security forces. (Our girls will be safe and comfy!)
Stay tuned for prize details!" As with the spa, visit the Urban Hen Party page on Facebook to ask questions and/or find registration contact information.

This is the big show that I know a lot of people are looking forward to, and not just because of the petting zoo or the White Crested Black Polish hens! Come and see what each breed looks like, chat up the breeders, marvel at the coloured Silkies and maybe buy a layer to add to your flock! For more info, please see the Canadian Heritage Breeds website.
Take care & keep on CLUCKing!

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