Monday, October 29, 2012

Join the Urban Hen Party!

CLUCK Red Deer is looking for entrants for our Urban Hen Party, which will take place during the Canadian Heritage Breed's Peavey Mart Urban Farm Show in the Westerner Park's Ag Centre on the weekend of November 23-25th!!

Why? Because this is an excellent, excellent opportunity to showcase the variety and health of hens currently residing in urban coops. The city of Red Deer will have a presence (Councillor Lynne Mulder has most graciously accepted the role of guest judge!) so showing your birds and support for the CLUCK cause can go a long way toward helping the efforts to have the Bylaw Amendment fall on our side of the fence. That said, all entries' personal information will be kept confidential. This means that if you are operating 'Under The Radar' as an urban hen-keeper, you don't have to worry about your name and/or address being revealed. By no means do we want to interfere with your privacy choices. 

Not only will it show the City of Red Deer how well cared-for our birds are, it's an excellent chance to help the public of Red Deer see the variety of shapes, colours and sizes of existing Urban Hens, plus to see how much fun we're all having with our birds and that they are well cared for and easy pets!

Even better: the party is not limited to Red Deer's urban hen scene.
We welcome urban hens from the surrounding area, Calgary and Edmonton included! Support for the Red Deer branch of CLUCK and the potential for positive decision-making may help tip the scales in other urban centres.

We here at CLUCK would very much appreciate your support -all it takes is a few minutes to complete the entry questionnaire (tell us a little about each hen), $3 per bird (to cover the costs of feed, bedding & cages), and arrangements to have your girls dropped off & picked up.

We're working on some awards to hand out to some of the most fabulous of Red Deer's urban hen scene. It's all in fun, mind you, we none of us are professional poultry judges. Curious about the awards? Enter your girls and see if they win!

We'll have our bumper stickers, flock/family decals for vehicles and, of course, our fabulous buttons available for sale.


Another benefit: it's a great chance to give your coop a thorough cleaning while your flock is well cared for over the weekend!!

If you're interested, please let us know! You can either visit the Facebook page for more information: Urban Hen Party
or e-mail Deborah at:

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