Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Countdown To The Urban Hen Party

The Urban Hen Party (UHP) is only 10 days away! Did you know you can give chickens a BATH?! I certainly would not have thought of it before I became a member of CLUCK and got to know a bit about showing chickens. What most of us think of as laying hens are typically rural, in large flocks, live exclusively outdoors, and never see water other than that which they are offered to drink.

Certainly not plastic tubs of warm, mildly soapy water that they are placed into.

*Note: this is a rooster, and he is not Urban, but he IS going to be at the Canadian Heritage Breeds' Peavey Mart show, so he requires a little primping before he's ready to wow the judges.

That's just it.. the people who CARE about their birds, who take the time and effort to ensure that their chickens are healthy and happy and want to show it off to the rest of the poultry-fanciers out there DO give their birds baths. And I can't get enough of the photos! Especially of birds tidily, cozily wrapped up in towels.
These girls aren't Urban, either, but I had to share the photo, anyway -isn't that adorable?

I'm certainly not going for the professional level of showing that many breeders are (there won't be any professional judges checking the Urban birds for form and breeding potential), but I get such a kick out of the photos that some of the breeders are sharing on Facebook. I might have to give my 4 hens a bath just so I can get some photos of them!! (I've asked the professionals for advice, I certainly don't want to get into anything that might hurt my girls or get them sick.)

I'll keep you posted!

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