Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Call For Information

Hey CLUCKers!! I am doing some research on the community of Urban Hen Keepers here in Red Deer and would VERY MUCH appreciate some feedback from those of you who have hens here, now. 

You can leave the info as a comment to this thread.
You can e-mail it to me at

I will not be sharing personal information (I'll be putting answers into a spreadsheet without including personal/contact information, it will be anonymous), but feel free to reply with one-word answers or paragraphs -whatever you feel is important to express, or not at all if you are not comfortable with a particular question. This is completely voluntary and just some things that I am curious about.

What is your education and/or profession?
Do you have children at home? (How many, what ages?)
What neighbourhood are you in?
Have you ever lived on a farm?
What has been the most valuable tool for you to feel knowledgeable & confident about keeping your own flock?
If you had one point that you could get across to those opposed to urban hens in Red Deer, what would it be?
Do you have a suggestion for how CLUCK Red Deer could be a better voice for urban hen advocacy in our city?

I would like to share this information (once compiled) on our blog (WITHOUT names). If you do not want your information to be included, just let me know and I will omit it from the published list.

Thank you so much!! Warmer weather is on the horizon!!


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